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SmarteQM Test Management Software

The Complete QA Test Lifecycle Management System
SmarteQM™'s software test management tools manage your project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues and tasks in one unified environment.

The combination of a QA Management System, along with an agile-enabled Project Management Software solution, offers a truly unique and robust tool for managing development projects.

SmarteQM allows you to take control of your project lifecycle and synchronize the previously separate worlds of development and testing. Learn more about SmarteQM test data management software.

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  Requirements Management
SmarteQM™ provides the ability to create, edit and delete project requirements in a hierarchical
organization that resembles a typical scope matrix. Each requirement is mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that the functionality works as expected.

   Release Management
SmarteQM™ provides the ability to manage the list of releases / versions of the software being tested. During the execution cycle, the Test Runs and Incidents are associated with a particular release. In addition, each release provides drill down capability to list the test runs performed with the associated issues.


   Reporting & Analysis
SmarteQM™ includes an extensive library of printable reports and graphical charts for:
- Requirements Reports & Graphs
  - Release Reports
  - Test Case & Graphs
  - Incident Reports & Graphs
  - Task Reports & Graphs


   Test Case Management
SmarteQM™ provides the ability to create, edit and delete project test cases that are stored in a
hierarchical folder structure. Each test case consists of a set of steps that represent the actions a user must take to complete the test.

Each test case is mapped to one or more requirements, thus providing test coverage for the requirement and providing complete traceability from a recorded incident to the underlying requirement.


   Incident & Defect Tracking
SmarteQM™ provides the ability to create, edit, assign, track, manage and close incidents that
are raised during the testing of the business software system under development. Incidents can be
categorized into bugs, issues, change requests, and risks. Each type has its own specific
workflow and business rules.

Unlike a standalone issue tracking tool, you can trace the incidents back to the test case and the
underlying requirement that generated them, giving the project owner unprecedented
oversight of the “in-process” quality of a system during its lifecycle.
SmarteQM™ is your complete QA Test Management System Software solution.

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