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SmarteScript™ Test Automation Software

Your easiest path to software quality. Save Time. Save Money. Improve Quality.

Automated software testing tools on the market fall into two broad categories - Record & Playback and Scripting – and each has its disadvantages. Record & Playback, while easy to use, is also inflexible for changes and very time-consuming. Scripting, while very useful if you have deep programming skills, is also hard to maintain and quite expensive.

SmarteSoft decided to create a solution that offers the best qualities of these two approaches while eliminating the significant disadvantages of each. The result is SmarteScript™ - the test automation tool that is fast to learn, easy to use, and does not require scripting skills. It’s also very powerful with robust testing functionality, easy to maintain, and comparatively inexpensive.


Easy to Learn
Create automated tests quickly
Easy to adopt throughout your organization
GUI Based
No programming skills needed
Easy to use for non-developers (e.g. QA/Business Analysts)
Fast Return on Investment
Learn quickly, test quickly, deploy in less time
Low ongoing maintenance
Simple, Fast Maintenance
Automated updates to tests & documentation when your application changes
Suitable for Agile environments
Self -Documenting
Automatically generates test cases
Automatically tracks changes
Supported Environments, Platforms and Applications
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile, Point-of-Sale, Embedded & Mainframe environments supported
  • Full regression testing and management capabilities
  • Application Platforms: All Microsoft .NET compilers, Microsoft Visual C++, Intel C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java, AJAX, IE, VB6, Console


    SmarteScript™is ideal for Automated Testing, Creating a Test Automation Framework, Automated Software Testing Tools, QA Test Automation, Online Software Testing, Automated Regression Testing and More

    SmarteScript™ automation testing software is easy to learn for novice users, but also offers powerful functionality for experienced testers. It is used in every industry by IT departments, R&D teams and business analysts.

    SmarteScript™ intuitively learns the windows and objects used in an application and creates “test skeletons” for each business process. From there, test cases can be developed quickly and easily. Complex, data-driven scripts can be automatically generated in minutes.

    With SmarteScript, your QA team can keep pace with Agile or rapid prototype software development models. No scripting skills needed.

    For Automated Testing, Automated Regression Testing, Acceptance Testing, Pre-Deployment Testing and Automation of Business Processes, SmarteScript™ is the superior solution.

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