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SmarteStudio™ Test Automation Software - Advanced Technology for Software Development

SmarteStudio is ideal for unit testing, functional GUI testing, cross-browser testing, COM testing and data-driven testing.

Improve Your Top AND Bottom Lines

SmarteStudio's extreme adaptability results in improved application quality and reduced time to market, which translates for you to happier customers, better customer retention, lower support and maintenance costs, improved brand/product reputation, and significant competitive advantage.

SmarteStudio provides strong support for the following environments:
  • Adobe Flash/Flex, including AIR
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Win32 applications


    SmarteStudio supports cross-browser testing - a single script running unaltered on different browsers - with initial browser support including
  • Chrome 5 and higher
  • IE 6 and higher
  • Firefox 3.0 and higher


    Highly Flexible

    SmarteStudio is the most flexible, customizable and extensible test automation tool available. Users can modify and extend key functions, and can customize many aspects of the recording and test execution behaviors by altering the configuration settings.

    Custom libraries are easily integrated with SmarteStudio to test virtually any type of application. JavaScript, .NET, COM, and ActiveX (including all Microsoft Office products) libraries can be added, thereby ensuring that SmarteStudio is the ideal tool no matter what your application requires.

    SmarteStudio includes an active debugger with watches and breakpoints, as well as a full- function JavaScript editor.


    Reduced Time to Market

    SmarteStudio offers a unique Learn & Go testing process, which is much more time efficient than traditional record-and-playback + edit methods. Objects can be edited during the learning process instead of waiting to edit until after all of the objects have been recorded, and the test script is generated (with parameterized values) as you go. Faster, more complete test script generation and automatic script updates significantly reduces testing time and gets your application to market much faster.


    Easy to Learn
    Create automated tests quickly
    Easy to adopt throughout your organization
    Easy to Script
    Write and edit tests in Javascript
    Write product extensions in Javascript
    Adopts Your Style
    Implement almost anything via mouse clicks or scripting, according to your preference and style
    Learn & Go!
    Modify and parameterize tests while recording! Rapid, agile test development.
    Record and/or script tests once, and replay same script in all supported browsers (e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox)
    User Extensible Develop your own extension libraries to support automation of non-standard or unsupported environments and software objects


    Supported Environments, Platforms and Applications
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile, Point-of-Sale, Embedded & Mainframe environments supported
  • Full regression testing and management capabilities
  • Application Platforms: AJAX, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, all Microsoft .NET compilers, Microsoft Visual C++, Intel C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, VB6, Console


    For Automated Unit Testing, Automated Regression Testing, Acceptance Testing, Pre-Deployment Testing and Automation of Business Processes, Chrome test automation, SmarteStudio™ is the superior solution. Download SmarteStudio today and take a test drive.

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